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How to Apply a Dance Floor Decal

Applying a custom dance floor decal to your event's floor can be quite
confusing! Follow these step-by-step instructions for easy application.

What you will need:
+ Minimum of two people
+ Squeegee

-Thoroughly cleanse the area where the decal will be applied with a surface
 cleaner and cloth
-Make sure it is dry before you proceed

- Place your decal flat on the floor with the design facing up.
- Secure your decal with masking tape by applying it to the left hand corners and
   down the center of the decal 
-Take the right hand side of the decal, fold it in half so that the right side is folded
  on top of the left side
-Carefully peel the paper away from the right half of the decal so that the sticky
  side is revealed.

-Cut the excess paper from the bottom of the decal off and carefully apply the
  sticky side of the decal to the clean, dry floor.

-While applying the decals, use the squeegee to ensure that there will be no
  bubbles beneath the decal 

-After the entire decal is applied, rub over the decal again with the squeegee to
  smooth out any bubbles and secure it to the floor.

-Once all of the paper has been removed, discard the backing paper and rub over
 the entire decal again with the squeegee


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